We are convinced: Education is the only effective weapon against poverty.

In January 2017 our YouthHostel has opened. It is a central building stone in our project as it serves several important purposes:
On the one hand it gives work for local people and generates revenue for our project, on the other hand it is a training place for the pupils of our vocational schools.
By spending your holiday there you can enjoy the wonderful island of Zanzibar and at the same time support the local people and our project.
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With our projects we would like to support the people of Zanzibar through

  • the fulfillment of basic needs
  • the construction of a primary and vocational school
  • improving social and economic structures
  • incentives to independent thinking and acting

to enable them to receive an education, which should later lead them to financial independence. We provide self for self-help; however, the inhabitants of Zanzibar also need your support in order to combat poverty.


Why did we start our projects in Zanzibar?

This is Zanzibar from our point of view - An exotic tropical island surrounded by beaches of white sand and turquoise-blue sea:

This is Zanzibar from the point of view of many of its inhabitants:


We decided to start these projects because in Zanzibar:

  • there is a shortage of clean drinking water and electricity and illnesses such as malaria, cholera and typhoid are widespread.
  • due to the lack of medicine and hygiene, child mortality rates are very high.
  • the life expectancy is 45 years on average.
  • 80 % of local inhabitants live on less than one US Dollar per day.
  • unemployment rates are extremely high, because locals generally don’t speak English as fluently as mainland Tanzanians and lose many job opportunities to the latter.
  • kindergardens and preschools are practically non-existent. 


About Zanzibar

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